1. A key part of Fluent’s philosophy is our ability to offer a cross-platform experience. We know that you would like a consistent experience when using email on your laptop, mobile, tablet or your refrigerator. But a key part of offering a *good* cross-platform experience is to cater each experience to the strengths of its platform.

    A good experience on a device is a function of three things: where you use the device, when you use the device and the form of the device itself. Mobile phones have small screens, you use them indoors & outdoors, and mostly when you’re … ummm … mobile. Tablets have touch inputs, no mice and are a pain to type on; and according to most Apple ads they’re best used on an uncomfortable looking modernist couch.

    Thusfar we have focused mostly on the desktop experience for Fluent, but we’ve got some powerful ideas for how email should work on your mobile and on your tablet. We’ve started implementing a few of these features which you can see in the video above. It’s just the beginning. We’re excited to add fun and efficiency to the way you use Fluent on any device so that hopefully you can move between your phone, your computer and your fridge and have the best email experience regardless of the medium.

    If you’d like to give it a go, hit up http://fluent.io


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