1. Fluent is closing

    6 months ago we got an astounding amount of attention for our ideas and our prototype. Email is quite clearly a thing that needs fixing and we still feel quite passionate about that. It’s an ambitious undertaking, but well worth trying.

    At this point, however, we’ve decided to call an end to Fluent. There are many things that cause startups to rise and fall: fund raising, runways, scaling and other promising opportunities; they all played their part. We feel that we couldn’t keep running the service as it is, and now’s the time to move on.

    We are very grateful to everyone who has supported our ideas and vision. A big apology to the 70,000 people who signed up and never got in — we tried very hard but couldn’t pull it off.

    For all our existing users: we’ll be turning off the Fluent servers at 5pm Friday, August 17 (Sydney time). We will delete all data on our servers at that point.  If there’s anything you’re worried about losing (which there shouldn’t be, as all your email continues to be available on Gmail) please contact us.

    The people who are going to miss Fluent the most are us. We’ll miss how effortless it is to stay in the flow of discussions. We’ll miss our instant search. We’ll miss how fast it is to respond to queries and how easy it is to check multiple accounts. But to run a service like this requires full-time attention. Attention that we can’t give it anymore.

    Starting Fluent was an incredible experience. We learned a ton about ourselves and the ins and outs of running a startup. We met some fantastic people, and got some incredible opportunities that we wouldn’t have had otherwise.

    Each member of the team is starting on a new project, so keep an ear out for what we have in the works.

    Who knows, maybe someday we’ll get back to fixing this email thing.


    The Fluent Team


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    Too bad. They had the chance and the potential to offer something new, a game changer, but they failed. Even before they...
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